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Hear What Others Say About How They Learned to Grow Their Businesses, Get Focused And Develop Their Success DNA Through Coaching With Me

“Mickey, your Business Plan 2011 event was outstanding! The clarity I received for my new venture was spot-on and crucial to a successful launch. The disciplined involvement and written responses you encouraged throughout the seminar were of high value. Thanks for loads of top-level-takeaways for my business!”
Joe Pursch

Joe Pursch
Speaker, Broadcaster, Communications Consultant
Sacramento California

“Mickey, A one hour session with you was better than 10 sessions with other coaches that I have met with. Your years of experience, insights, and business knowledge moved me out the fear into positive action steps that I could start implementing today. Your coaching saved me a lot of wasted time and effort, not to mention wasted dollars!!! Love the way you ask the right questions to get clarity on the goals. The tools I received in this session can be used over and over again, in all areas of my life. Thank you Mickey!”
Susan Mayfield

Susan Mayfield
Professional Organizer and Speaker
Reduce the Chaos

“Mickey’s training and coaching sessions have been terrific. The session on goal setting and being clear about what you want was outstanding and his message about accountability an important piece in achieving those goals. Much of what Mickey does is as applicable outside the sales world as in.”

John Cassell
SVP, Retail Production
NetMore America

“Mickey, Thank you for your time and resources that you shared with us. It has been very valuable and we have implemented several things we spoke about since. I look forward to continually developing our relationship.”

Daryl S.
Senior Partner
New York Life

“Since starting coaching with Mickey on September 8th, I have contacted 30 Real Estate Agents in our area. I have also agreed to and found a processing center to send my files to, which frees up my time to sell. I have been actively listening to what others are saying and asking a lot of questions to keep them talking and have learned quite a bit about their thought processes and challenges. After having lunch with an agent on Monday I walked away with a purchase transaction. The first Agent referral that I can remember during these past several years. Thank you Mickey for clarifying my thought processes and helping me to focus on actions that actually produced a loan. I look forward to more successes.”

Janice Brown
Branch Manager
American Pacific Mortgage

“Coach Mickey has helped me in: Reconnecting my vision with my goals, I still have a vision but I realized today I let my goals slip away to obtain my vision. My vision has a great meaning and my goals need to support it, the vision is important and a great need in the world, I dropped off where I should be with my goals. These sessions are reviving the passion to fulfill the goals to obtain the vision.”

Penny Belknap
Sr. Loan Officer
Woodland Home Lending, Division of NetMoreAmerica, Inc

“I have been able to put into action steps to gain control over managing my time more effectively while identifying, creating, and completing items on my ‘most important thing to do’ list. I’m really looking forward to being proactive with the ‘personal coaching’.”

Doug Radovich
Loan Officer / Far Hills Mortgage

“Mickey’s coaching is very helpful. Getting clarity is hard work but Mickey gets you laser focused, Great job!”

Marybeth Hrim
Argus Vantage Group

“Mickey O’Brien got crystal clear on goal implementing process.”

Eiji Morishita
Genius Squared Trainings

“Mickey, I was inspired, motivated and wowed. Not only did I learn valuable tips to grow my business- but I experience several personal “ah-ha’s!”

Jennifer Bourn
Bourn Creative

“Wow, where do I begin. This 2011 Business Plan Event has confirmed my decision to totally re-invent and re-design my business and to get coaching help to do just that. Mickey, to say thank you seems not enough for what you helped me remember, but Thank you just the same.”

PMCC, Inc.

“Mickey – Thanks to you and your team for a great business planning event. Working through the implementation business plan helped me “re-connect” with what my priorities for the next 90 days need to be. Thanks again.”

Ron Ramsey
International Worker

“Mickey, going through the “Strengths & Passions” exercises has caused me to redefine why I’m involved in my company and helped me see how to balance my life and restructure my time. It was so helpful to get everything down on paper. I love your style. Thank you so much for making this workshop available.”
Sandi Rogers

“This year’s 2011 Business Plan event was outstanding! Great information teaching and clarifying strategies that help identify my personal strengths while learning how to better implement them into my business plan. Better yet, implement those strengths into my daily business routine! I’m looking forward to a fun and abundant 2011. I appreciate you all, thank you Mickey!”


“The training was great because I had no idea on how to market for loans. Now I can start marketing.”

Gordon Cuffe

“I attended Mickey’s lending training in December. It was very entertaining & informative.”

Julie Phillips

“I have never worked in the lending industry: to be honest I was intimidated by it. I thought that it would take years to even begin to understand the procedures that are involved. I finally decided to attend a class taught by Mickey O’Brien. He took industry topics and explained them in detail, but in such a way that everyone was able to understand them.”

Andrew Korzeniewski

“I would “Absolutely” recommend others to attend this training!”

Shyrel Gaskey

“Mickey – Thank you so much for taking the time to coach me. You are fantastic! You have shown me a way to accomplish my goals without fear….Your approach was strategic and I could clearly see how and when my goals will be accomplished.”

Denise R. McCoy

“There are so many marketing tips that he taught me! No one in the industry, in 3 years has ever mentioned as much valuable information as Mickey O’Brien. Thank You.”

Daniel Woodward

“Mickey,Thank you so much for the content of Business Plan 2011. I was able write out my vision for my business and for the first time ever am truly passionate about making my vision a reality. I did not realize how powerful my natural style is and how my motivators make me perfect for the place I am right now. I see opportunity and am ready to seize it knowing that is the only way that I can live my life. My new motto: Playing big so I can contribute big.”

Janice L Brown
American Pacific Mortgage