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Outer Strategies to Improve Sales, Systems, and Your Unique Story

Contact us to learn more about how we use Mickey O’Brien's Tools and Strategies to show Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders how to become more profitable, work less and ultimately, enjoy their lives more.


Work with a Strategy Coach 1-on-1 to Create Breakthroughs and Get Greater Results.

We have a system that works.

Your strategy coach will help you define your vision, set challenging goals, create a plan of action…

And Achieve Extraordinary Results.

What if you had proven way to Strategically Optimize your Brand Position?


What if Sales and Marketing came easy?


Our Strategic Story Method is the Ultimate Strategic Positioning Tool, combining the Power of WHY and Story to create a highly credible, audience targeted Sales and Marketing Tool.


The Strategic Story is the core to attracting Clients and building unprecedented rapport. It is the Backbone of the 7 Outer Strategies.


Mickey O’Brien is a leading authority on Personal Development and Business Coaching. He’s developed groundbreaking systems to help you change your beliefs on what’s possible and do the I M Possible.

He’s been a Business Coach and a Trainer of Entrepreneurs for over 10 years. He has helped countless of people around the world experience the Life Changing Power of Coaching. He is on a Mission to help Transform Businesses, their owners and change their lives.

Mickey O'Brien has created the "7 Outer Strategies to Go from Ordinary to Extraordinary in your Business and Life.

Take Advantage of our Elite Group of Advisors and Mentors and Leverage Our Systems for Your Business.

Mickey O’Brein has arranged for you to get a FREE Business Coaching session with one of his team of Business Coaches.

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