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Key Distinction On How Successful People Are Unstoppable!


Key Distinction On How Successful People Are Unstoppable!

Key Distinction On How Successful People Are Unstoppable

We as human beings tend to make the past our future. We hold onto our old stories and take future actions based on them. But what would happen if you dropped your old stories and created new ones? Who would you be? What would you do? You can learn from your past and what did not work, but you also learned what worked and what was missing.

Babe Ruth, a famous baseball player, was able to drop the past. He said “Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.” His strikes meant nothing to him, they were merely just part of the process to getting what he wanted. Babe was cheerful and optimistic for each new pitch that was thrown no matter what he did on the last pitch.

Most people carry around their old burdens, fears, failures, disappointment and expectations like a backpack full of rocks. If you want to have more fun and be more successful, do what Babe Ruth did, be cheerful, have fun, be optimistic and don’t let the past be your future…make something greater, do something extraordinary now.

What past failures have you been holding onto?

What has stopped you from going to the next level?

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