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How we can do it better ?


How we can do it better ?

1) Face The Facts. I had a friend tell me that he would love to have my optimism and I told him I would love to have his ability to face the facts.
What I learned after the 2007 was to face reality, mine for it, look at the data, have an open ear to people I respect.

Schedule reality time each week to look at the data. What mission critical scorecards show you the current and future reality? Spend time to listen to team mates and customers. Acknowledge the crisis. And always see the opportunities.

2) Know Where You Are Going. Having a vision of where I’m going and goals to get there has helped me to stay the course, avoid rash reactions, follow my vision in crisis, stay focused, change strategies as needed, keep core values, & have transparency.

You must have your vision in writing.Read it weekly if not daily if in crisis. Share it often, everyone on your team. Build your plans from your vision. How does your plan cause your vision to be more real? It’s ok to adjust your plan but not what you stand for.

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3) Have A Plan. Life isn’t fair. Economy happens! You make your own breaks. The best way I know how to get the upper hand on my competition is to have a better plan and prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. (Don’t worry about your competition having a better plan than you, because most professionals have none at all, just make sure that’s not you.)

 Follow these business growth strategies:

· Get clear on your 30, 60 ,90 day plans of what matters most.

· Focus on core systems of the company. Execution will be greater with fewer priorities and fewer initiatives, less is more in regards to planning.

· Know exactly what you are going to execute.

· Anticipate and act, look for early signals.

· Work on your bad times even in good times.

· Work on your costs even when you’re making allot of money.

· Analyze various what if scenarios to discuss possible solutions of possible negative future events.

· Build worst case plans, don’t make them your mantra but have them available to not just survive but to thrive. Short term time frames are critical.

· Do 90 day planning. As planning increases, focus improves, which causes improved execution.

· Communicatee and work the plan.

· Schedule time weekly to see where you are at in the plan, face reality and be in alignment with your vision.

· Identify your key players and who else on the team needs to take ownership of the plan.

Multiple people driving the plan. Delegate, delegate, delegate.

4) Communicate your Vision. You can never over communicate your vision. You get what you focus on, get you whole team focusing on the same end goal.

· Let others vent their concerns.

· Stay open with communication. During challenging times leaders tend to not communicate.

· Remember the “The Stockdale Paradox” and confront the brutal facts/reality and how you can communicate and use your current situation for the benefit of you and your team.

· Have weekly meetings, share a component of your vision, communicate by video, voice broadcast, email and as many means as possible.

· Have a humble confidence of your vision and communication it, being transparent and vulnerable, but with confidence in your vision, your team, your plan and confident that you will give it your all.

Confidence comes from what we believe and what we see.

5) Develop A Team. Don’t give up the development of your people. Ask yourself who’s talents are being overlooked? To discover your strengths use this tool, click here.

· Let your team know they are your strongest competitive advantage.

· What are you doing, saying, and how are you treating them that makes them know you value them as the competitive advantage that they are? Or are they getting a different message?

· Look for one person every day to connect with in a deep and meaningful way, one person every day to encourage.

· Celebrate victories. Let you team know how the team will win and they can participate and use the 90 day plan you have created.

· Get in the trenches with your team, observe, interpret, and go back and adjust your plan, but not your vision.

· Always be recruiting the best and adding value.

Keep the discipline of coaching your team and invest in them to be better.

6) Keep A Bunch Of Cash. Do all you can to maintain a stronger than needed balance sheet.

· Know your numbers, monthly, weekly, daily.

Ask yourself if it is a need or a want.

7) Have A Good Perspective. What you see and what you believe will impact your reality in the days ahead because all your teammates are going to feed off how you respond.

· Courage is a must in these time and courage will enable you to sustain and survive and thrive in the years ahead. So know what you must do to keep courage.

· Surround yourself with those who see what you see and stand for what you stand for.

· Have a solid board of advisors, have a mentor, have a coach.

· Get a rhythm to have a good day, have a set of priorities that make for a great day.

· Get rest, stay healthy, exercise and don’t let things in life take you off your A game.

· Know your way, plan it, schedule it, ask for help.

· Take small bites and start with little things that will improve your business, life and health.

Have people that will help you stay on track.

In summary, staying focused on these Best Practices will help you and your organization thrive in any economic time.

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