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“How To Double Your Income” presented by Mickey O’Brien


“How To Double Your Income” presented by Mickey O’Brien

On Saturday February 20th I’ll be speaking at Successful Thinkers about “How To Double Your Income”, how to get more clients, how to get bigger and better clients, how to expand services for existing clients, how to increase fees without losing business, how to manage time and resources so your practice can be stress-free with plenty of time off….etc. Come and be a part of an event that could change your business and life…There’s limited space so reserve your spot. Oh, did I mention it’s free?

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  1. Bralynn Newby February 19, 2010

    Hello Mickey,
    I’m very interested in meeting other Christian business people & leaders to sharpen iron with iron. I didn’t see any upcoming meetups on the calendar, but I did see that you are going to be speaking at a Successful Thinkers group tomorrow. I didn’t see where or what time it would be, though…and I’m interested. Could you please give me the scoop?
    Thank you,

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