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Create Your Referral Lead Machine


Create Your Referral Lead Machine

Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Professionals all agree that having enough leads in their pipeline is the most unpredictable part of their business.

Remember when starting a business was your dream, being your own boss, being the best at what you do, whether it is building a widget, providing a service, but then you figured out you need clients and that sales was a necessary part of what you had to do.

Professionals, doctors, lawyers, accountants, business owners of all types, we’re all selling all the time. But many of us generally either suck or are not thrilled about selling ourselves. (this may or may not be you)

I’ve found that one of the best ways to build a steady stream of leads in this new digital economy without doing what may not your most favorite thing to do (self promoting sells), is to provide great content (using today’s social media resources) to your clients and customers and then follow through with incredible Raving Fan service.

The more you give your best content and work, the more momentum you will build, the more raving fans you will develop, and the more referrals you will receive.

Listen and learn more about your market by using tools like Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and other popular social sites that extend your networking activities. (You could resist the new technology but just know that everyone eventually got a cell phone.)
You can view my other blogs on using social media at to see the different ways to grow your business and generate leads.

Here’s a few things to do in your business:

• Get clear on who you are (your personal brand) and don’t be afraid to tell it with passion
• Be different, carve out your unique niche, (check out or, they are being themselves, their own niche)
• Ask yourself what triggers a referral, then start to test different ideas and headlines
• Be social to get others attention, talk about what is important to them
• Create ways to take your online viewers (social buddies) and have a offline event
• Build a network of strategic partners, start with just two others to promote each other

There’s many tools you can use to make your social networking easy, see 40 Ways To Grow Your Business

Providing great content and watching the referrals come in works for all kinds of people, whether you’re a driver personality, influencer or analytical and reserved.

What is your main source of leads today? What would you like it to be in the next 4-6 months?

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  1. amber DeAnn October 24, 2010

    I like your content and your light easy writing style.
    I will see you at the next meetup and we’ll talk more.
    amber deAnn, empowerment coach

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