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The Lies We Tell Ourselves

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In Star Wars the movie, Yoda gives some wise instruction to Luke Skywalker.

Luke has a belief, or a lie that he tells himself, just as we all do, that it is Impossible. At this point in the movie, Luke has already moved stones with his mind, but a spaceship? It is too big he says, I have already tried and it cannot be done.

Yoda patiently explains that it is only different in his mind. Luke reluctantly agrees to “Give it a Try.”

Yoda famously says, “No. Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.”


Don't try... Do

Don’t try… Do

The point is that when we say we are Trying, we don’t really have to do anything. It also provides us with an excuse for why we didn’t accomplish the outcome we say we want. The difference is, you either do something or you don’t do it.

Trying is the same as not doing, it’s the lie we tell ourselves to make it easier for us to let ourselves off the hook when we fail.

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Register for the Acumen Experts Breakthrough Event: 5 Experts, 5 Action Plans, Immediate Results for Your Business!

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Today’s business leader faces new challenges: less money to work with, greater competition, and customers who now think more than twice before spending their hard-earned money. Everything seems less predictable than in the past. Savvy business owners know they simply have to increase their ACUMEN [keen insight] in order to win.

Increasing Emotional Intelligence and Profit – Webinar

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Join Mickey O’Brien this Friday the 4th at 10am for a free webinar on

“Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence & Profit”.

The value of Emotional Intelligence increases with job complexity:

• Clerks, machine operators,
• High EQ 3x more productive

• Sales Professionals, mechanics
• High EQ 12x more productive

• Doctors, consultants
• High EQ 127x more productive

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7 Tips to Conquer Negative Emotions that get you Stuck

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We are a product of our daily experiences. Each experience yields a set of emotions which ultimately drives our cognitions and our actions. The extent to which an experience will affect our emotions is determined by our personality and our work environment.

1. Taking good care of yourself. How we handle our emotions are weaker when we are sick, sleep deprived, lack of exercise and have poor nutrition. What can you do to take better care of yourself this week? How can you help and support others around you in the same way?

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Uncommon Coaching Strategies

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Improvement Comes from Change

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You can’t improve what you don’t understand. While every improvement requires change, not every change is an improvement. When you have no opportunities in the market you can use your time to make improvements internally. However, spending time and money to make a process faster or better may or may not be appreciated by the market. That is, it may or may not lead to more sales or higher sales dollars. A good starting point for choosing systems to analyze include; people and education, delivery and distribution, testing, and technology.

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