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Make Your Business Dreams Come True

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“I’m tired of feeling alone. I want to work in a team”

I hear the above statement over and over from business owners I talk to.

I know many of us THRIVE a lot more when we’re surrounded by people who support us, hold us accountable and who inspire us to rise to greater heights.

This is why I’m inviting a select number of dedicated entrepreneurs to join my highest level coaching program – The Thrive Coaching Program.

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Create Your Referral Lead Machine

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Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Professionals all agree that having enough leads in their pipeline is the most unpredictable part of their business.

Remember when starting a business was your dream, being your own boss, being the best at what you do, whether it is building a widget, providing a service, but then you figured out you need clients and that sales was a necessary part of what you had to do.

Professionals, doctors, lawyers, accountants, business owners of all types, we’re all selling all the time. But many of us generally either suck or are not thrilled about selling ourselves. (this may or may not be you)

I’ve found that one of the best ways to build a steady stream of leads in this new digital economy without doing what may not your most favorite thing to do (self promoting sells), is to provide great content (using today’s social media resources) to your clients and customers and then follow through with incredible Raving Fan service.

The more you give your best content and work, the more momentum you will build, the more raving fans you will develop, and the more referrals you will receive.

Listen and learn more about your market by using tools like Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and other popular social sites that extend your networking activities. (You could resist the new technology but just know that everyone eventually got a cell phone.)
You can view my other blogs on using social media at to see the different ways to grow your business and generate leads.

Here’s a few things to do in your business:

• Get clear on who you are (your personal brand) and don’t be afraid to tell it with passion
• Be different, carve out your unique niche, (check out or, they are being themselves, their own niche)
• Ask yourself what triggers a referral, then start to test different ideas and headlines
• Be social to get others attention, talk about what is important to them
• Create ways to take your online viewers (social buddies) and have a offline event
• Build a network of strategic partners, start with just two others to promote each other

There’s many tools you can use to make your social networking easy, see 40 Ways To Grow Your Business

Providing great content and watching the referrals come in works for all kinds of people, whether you’re a driver personality, influencer or analytical and reserved.

What is your main source of leads today? What would you like it to be in the next 4-6 months?

3 Ways To OWN Your Niche

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There are several proven strategies you can use to
dominate your market and get into the top 10
list of movers & shakers in your niche.

Here’s a few:
1. Create the cutting edge solutions and products in your industry. Hold surveys,
study success stories, and publish your observations.

2. Be the resource for what’s happening in your market. Host tele-seminars and classes,
write articles, and publish an industry blog.

3. Create a community in your niche. Start a social network, forum, a membership site, or host a live event to give people a place to network, gather and learn.

What is your NICHE?

If you want to develop your niche and build your business check this out

Do You Have What It Takes In Business?….Find Out!

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The Business Success Coaching Group is now OPEN for September 2010 … This group is Limited to the first 9 people to register.

You still can register for your FREE SuccessDNA Accessment below, this is my gift to you for visiting my site.

I’ll also follow up and send you other valuable materials and keep you up to date as soon as we make this outstanding program available again.

To your success,

Even though we’re closed, we have decided to leave up our “Info Page” for a little while longer… to give you a chance to review one of flagship coaching programs.

**WARNING: For The Most Serious Business Owners ONLY**

After 26 Weeks of Highly Intensive Business Coaching, You’ll Possess The 9 Essential Disciplines For A Successful Business…

Create your own video slideshow at

Business Success DNA Mastery! is a dynamic 6-month group business coaching program that provides the ideal combination of Success DNA Academy’s proven business success processes, the guidance of an experienced Success DNA Business Coach, and support from a group of business owners who, like you, want to build successful businesses.

The business coaching program leverages master business coach Mickey O’Brien’s years of business coaching experience, his proprietary technology and a unique group-learning environment to inspire the strategic thinking needed to take your business to the next level of success.

You Will Have The Business Success DNA You Were Meant to Have.

If You Want to Learn Mastery Business Skills, Get More Clients Right Now, & Make a Real Difference in The World…

If You Want to Increase sales, Increase profits, Increase productivity, Increase client retention, Learn results-oriented marketing, so you can earn a $100-250K income – starting right now…

If You Want to Wake up Excited Every Day Because You Are Your Own Boss, And You Love What You Do For A Living – Every Day Having Droves of Clients Chasing You Down For Your Products & Services at Ridiculous Sums of Money…

…Then This Could be The Most Important Letter You’ve Ever Read.

Dear Serious Business Owner,

Do you want to,

  • Live your Passion, be more profitable, work less, have a great team, and be more focused?
  • Use the internet and social media to grow your brand and business, starting with almost no money, and get it quickly cranking out clients, one month after starting?
  • Learn, practice, and master all the Business Success DNA skills you’ll need to get each client to say “I need your help”, and get them very motivated to want to hire you, and be a Raving Fan Client for years?
  • Get the money you deserve by helping lots of people with your new Business Success DNA skills, eventually going from working in your business as a technician and to working on your business as a business owner, and calling the shots?
  • Do all of the above on an affordable BUDGET for today’s economy?

Unless you are the exception, you probably can’t do all that without help. The brutal reality is,

Most Business Owners Never Achieve Business Success, Why?

Because business owners have two problems that they never learn how to solve:

  1. Getting enough clients / making enough money
  2. Going from a technician mindset to a business owner mindset

Have you had these problems yet? Chances are, if you haven’t yet, you haven’t even started your business.

You’re Not The Only Business Owner Who Has Problems Getting Clients, Making Money, and Getting Mastery Level Business Success Results.

There’s something that you may not know about me.  Before I became successful in working on my business success, I was like everyone else I knew in business, always working in it, reacting to the daily struggles vs. creating opportunities.

How NOT to Run Your Business

I grew up in business; I saw if you worked hard you got paid well. When I opened my first retail store in the 90’s I went to a million dollars in sales in under 3 years, wow, I thought I was my way to success. The next thing I knew was I had multiple store with multiple problems ranging from cash flow, employee problems, budgets, etc. Would you have taken my success advice at that point?

I struggled with having more month at the end of my money for years, and when times got tough I got help from family members to make financial ends meet.

From 1999 to 2007 I was in the finance business as well as had a successful commercial finance training company were I built a very nice income, and in 2007 I lost everything when the real estate market died.

I Realized I Needed Help, And I Immediately Hired a Top Coach That Was Making a High 6 Digit Figure Income a Year to Mentor me in My Business.

I figured that, if he could make a high 6 digit figure income a year, I could learn to make six-figures. And when he showed me how to do things like:

  • Create a real company that is designed so that you don’t have to be at work every second of the day
  • Give you back the confidence and passion in your business and personal life…
  • Generate lots of business
  • Use the internet and social media to grow my business
  • Do demonstrations vs. presentations that actually turns into a paying clients

He Gave me The Secrets of Cranking Out Clients And Making Six Figures as a Business Owner

I quickly built the Business Success DNA Academy using the coaching methodologies that he taught me about, while I continued to add the right coaching services to my business, and within 6 months, I was celebrating tens of thousands in profits while taking trips to Hawaii and Napa enjoying my family and life. (I was able to run my business while I was on vacation without any worries).

Hear What Other Business Owners Say About How They Learned to Grow Their Businesses, Get Focused And Develop Their Success DNA Through Coaching With Me..

Marybeth Hrim- Argus Vantage Group-President

“Mickey’s coaching is very helpful. Getting clarity is hard work but Mickey

gets you lazer focused, Great job!”

Eiji Morishita- Genius Squared Trainings- Founder

“Mickey O’Brien got crystal clear on goal implementing process”

Jennifer Bourn- Bourn Creative- President

“Mickey, I was inspired, motivated and wowed. Not only did I learn valuable

tips to grow my business- but I experience several personal “ah-ha’s!”

Denise R. McCoy – Realtor

Mickey- “Thank you so much for taking the time to coach me. You are

fantastic! You have shown me a way to accomplish my goals without fear….

Your approach was strategic and I could clearly see how and when my

goals will be accomplished.”

How to Develop Your Business Success DNA

Your new Business Success DNA skills will have a huge impact on your ability to grow your business, get clients and keep them coming back for more. My coaching methodology using the Business Success DNA ‘9 secret weapons’ has helped business owners to stay successful in their businesses and in their lives.

All it takes to have these business acumen skills is FOUR THINGS:

  1. The right mentors (if you have a master mentor, then you’ll learn the top level skills)
  2. Total Immersion in Practicing (You’ve got to practice the skills constantly, at first)
  3. Repetition (You need to have ongoing support and practice after you’ve immersed yourself)
  4. The desire to get rid of your stinkin’ thinkin’….

What’s Included in The Business Success DNA Coaching Program?

26 Week Immersion Group & Individual Coaching:
Learn Your SuccessDNA By DOING IT

This is the fastest track to learn the most advanced success techniques in the world. It is designed for business owners in training and already established entrepreneurs and business owners who are ready to take their abilities to the next level. You will learn by changing your stinkin thinkin, being held accountable by your coach and learning the business success dna strategies… while actively growing your business and getting clients as you apply the coaching and successDNA techniques taught in the program.

You will be coached in the areas of Accountability effectiveness, Leadership effectiveness and Integrity in doing what you say will do. You will find yourself inspiring your clients, your employess, your spouse, and applying the latest in coaching technology. You’ll receive weekly group coaching, as well as monthly  one on one coaching with master Business Coach Mickey O’Brien throughout the training.

You will leave the 26 Week Immersion Coaching Program with:

  • Your own personal goals achieved in business, relationships, money, career, health, emotions, spirituality, and leisure with your own personally dedicated coach, on the phone or in person with you every week for six months.
  • The ability to promise your clients, “I KNOW I can help you.”, You’ll change your clients’ lives and hear them thank you as they share the real results through your Wowifying System.
  • Home study cd’s, workbooks, operation manuals, quick reference cards, and the top business success books that I’ve used to create peak performance.

What you learn in the 26 Week Immersion Coaching program:

  • How to create vs. react when business and life throws you a ‘curveball’, by using a step by step, mapped out, ‘heads up display’ that will guide you in exactly who to be, do, and the four main questions (What’s Working, What’s Not-Working, What’s Missing and What’s Next) we use to get your to where you want to go.
  • You’ll be amazed at how EASY it is to work this kind of ‘magic’ when you have the right coaching and tools at your disposal each week, and you’re able to solve the ‘unsolvable’ problems in ONE SESSION that you have been struggling with for years.
  • How to develop life changing goals and grow your business, increasing your income an extra $5k to $10,000 a month. The fun part is when you not only report the real results during your coaching sessions, but also in celebrating your breakthroughs and ‘doing the impossible’.
  • The 9 Business Success DNA Traits you need that can get you from being an ordinary business that is soon to be a statistic in failure, to an extraordinary business that is successful and profitable. Once your Success DNA traits are honed, you can have as many clients as you want and the life you deserve.

What you’ll do in the 26 Week Immersion Bussiness Success DNA Coaching Program:

  • Work hard! The 26 week immersion training will require 2-4 hours per week of homework, coaching, and training.
  • Follow Step by Step assignments included in each week of the training.

Take The SuccessDNA Test Now (Free)

Only business owners and entrepreneurs who have a successful business will be a part of it, so one must apply and qualify to get in. This will raise the synergy and intensity of the experience together. We will ONLY have people participating who are serious about taking their work to very high levels of income. This will alter the conversation in a big way.

**To find out if you qualify for the Business Success DNA coaching program follow this link:  Take The SuccessDNA Test Now (Free). The test takes about 10 minutes and the results will be emailed to you.

As a Result, You’ll have The Potential To:

Be a World Class Business Owner

You’ll become a world-class business owner. If you are already a fantastic entrepreneur, you’ll raise your level of business acumen up several notches while you’re in the Business Success DNA coaching program. If you continue to apply yourself using the methodologies and technology that you’ve learned, you’ll eventually be one of the top businesses in the world.

Achieve Personal & Professional Breakthroughs

The next result that’s very common to almost everybody that goes through the coaching program is that they get personal and professional breakthroughs.

You’ll take more action than you’ve taken in a long time. You’ll be more intensely focused on results than you’ve been in a long time because you’ll be sharing your results and goals.

You’ll be rigorously held accountable to follow through on the actions that you need to take, so not only are you thinking differently, but you’re acting differently, as well. That combination of thinking and action come together to guarantee that you’re going to get personal and professional results that are way beyond anything you’ve probably experienced before.

You’ll see things like:

  • Productivity (Getting Ahead): Get much more productive and get ahead of the game. You may find yourself saying, “Wow, I’ve never been this productive,” or, “I’m finally ahead of all the work I’ve been trying to get done.”
  • Changes: Make major changes, including business and personal changes, that you’ve been putting off, or that you now realize must be done.
  • Inspiration / Insight: You’ll get insights into what’s really going on with you (and other important people in your life). You might even see a different side to yourself that you never saw before.
  • The End of Being STUCK: This really becomes the end of being stuck for you. If you feel like you’ve got that inertia or that entropy in your life and you just need to break through it, this environment is going to heat you up so that that explosion of new results and new activity actually happens.

Take The SuccessDNA Test Now (Free)

What is The Business Success DNA Coaching Program Worth?

Other coaching and training programs can cost as much as $26,000.00.  Here’s a sample of some average prices for various types of coaching and trainings:

The Business Success DNA Coaching Includes:

26 Week Success DNA Immersion Processes
Accountability Coaching $7,500.00
Strategy Coaching $7,500.00
Assessment Coaching $7,500.00
Business Success Manuals $500.00
Leadership Training $500.00
Success DNA Profile Assessments $500.00
SuccessDNA 1-Day Live Training Bootcamp $1,000.00
Internet Money Making Machine: 1-Day Bootcamp $1,000.00
Total Value of The BusinessSuccessDNA
Coaching Program
= $26,000.00

Even though it would be reasonable to offer this program for $20,000.00 and it would STILL be a great value, ONLY during this launch, your investment will only be $3,750.

Today, you can get the Business Success DNA Coaching Program, which includes:

  • Business success coaching methodology that works,
  • Weekly group coaching,
  • Individual coaching each month,
  • Client workbook which contains twenty years of Coach Mickey’s research and implementation of what works in business. 13 chapters of articles, quotes, charts, and handouts that you can use for your business.
  • Plus a relationship with Coach Mickey,
  • Network of other business owners to hold each other accountable and brainstorm with,
  • Accountability partner,
  • 2-Days Live Training with coach Mickey and world renowned trainers on Business Success DNA and
  • The new Internet Money Making MachineTraining

for $3,750, or 6 monthly installments of $625.

Take The SuccessDNA Test Now (Free)

How to Register:

So how do you register?

You need to apply.

First, please understand that I don’t accept everyone into this coaching program. I’m very protective of the high level community that constitutes the Business Success DNA Coaching Program and if you’re not a good fit for the group, it’s better that you not join.

Talk to:

Me (Mickey O’Brien: , (916) 224-5626)

First Take The SuccessDNA Test Now (Free) ,$150 value. The test takes about 10 minutes and the results will be emailed to you.

Once I receive the Success DNA test I will email you a copy and let you know you’re in the program. Then I will send you a quick application via email and you’ll fill it out and fax it back to us. Then your application will be reviewed for final acceptance and I’ll get back in touch with you with the final confirmation.

(There are only 9 spots for this coaching program, you must take the SuccessDNA test to be considered for the SuccessDNA program. Registration ends May 5th)

Get the Knowledge You Need to Make The Dream YOUR Reality

What would it feel like when you successfully grow your business in 30 days, and generate a minimum of $1000 per month income in that same period of time? (I will not take anyone on as a client if they don’t believe that they can increase their business by at least 3 times the cost of this coaching program)

How would that feel?

What would that look like?

Just imagine that right now.  Take a second and give yourself a gift of what that vision would look like.

Even though it may not seem like that ‘big a deal’, it’s a huge deal to get started.

Anything is possible once you achieve that.

If that vision excites you, then do whatever it takes to take advantage of the Business Success DNA Coaching Program.  It will be an experience that will stay with you for life.

Today, you can get the Business Success DNA Coaching Program, including business success coaching methodology that works, weekly group coaching, individual coaching each month, our client workbook which contains twenty years of Coach Mickey’s research and implementation of what works in business, 13 chapters of articles, quotes, charts, and handouts that you can use for your business.

A relationship with Coach Mickey, a network of other business owners to hold each other accountable and brainstorm with, an accountability partner, 2-Days Live Training with coach Mickey and world renowned trainers on Business Success DNA and the new Internet Money Making Machine for $3,750, or 6 monthly installments of $625. If you haven’t already made a decision on this one way or the other, make sure you talk to somebody about this or go somewhere to get the training you need to produce the dream you have for your business.

I want you to have this dream.

I want you to experience this.

Sometimes it takes a leap of faith.

I’ve had to do that several times during my development as a business owner, as a coach, and in the beginning I had to make the biggest investment of time and money.

And this is the most challenging time because there’s the least cash flow, but that’s when you’ve got to do it. If you do it when everything is going well, that’s not the time that matters. The time when it matters is the time when you’ve got to make that initial investment… when you don’t have what it takes.

That’s when it really matters.

Because if you make that investment when you don’t have what it takes, when you don’t have the time…

when you don’t have the money…

when you don’t have the certainty that this is going to go great for you…

…then when you do get some of that certainty, some cash flow, you do now see that things are going to start working, and you’ve got the time to start training yourself, you’ll make that investment for the rest of your life. And that ‘psychological’ investment, that ‘psychological’ commitment is one of the biggest things.

Talk to me to see if this is a good fit for you. We won’t lead you down the wrong road. We don’t want anybody to be a part of this that is not a good fit, that’s why you have to apply. We don’t accept everyone that applies.

Take The SuccessDNA Test Now (Free)

Set Yourself Apart

Make the commitment to set yourself apart from the rest of the business owners out there.

The surveys that we’ve done say that 80% of new businesses within a couple years fail to produce the kind of results they want to, and soon after they’ve got to do something else. Your clients, your employees, your team members all want to be a part of a successful business, this is where your SuccessDNA comes in.

I’m not saying that’s what it takes to get started. You can get started right now in business, you can continue doing what you’re doing. But if you want to be successful long term, you’ve got to learn this technology, you’ve got to learn your SuccessDNA and how to sell and market yourself, and you’ve got to take yourself to that next level of leadership because that’s what the world needs at this point.

I can promise you this: The Business Success DNA Coaching Program will be an experience that you won’t regret and it will definitely be an experience that will stay with you for a very long time; probably much longer than you can even imagine.

Mickey O’Brien
Master Business Coach
Founder, Success DNA Academy

P.S. If you want to wake up excited every day because you are your own boss, and you love what you do for a living – every day having droves of clients chasing you down for your products and services at extraordinary sums of money, then you need to contact me NOW to discuss your future as a Success DNA Business Owner.

Take The SuccessDNA Test Now (Free)

We take your privacy very seriously. ©2008 Success DNA Academy All Rights Reserved. By entering your email address you are also requesting and agreeing to subscribe to our free email newsletter. If you want to contact us about anything including coaching, training, or how you can build your business quickly, simply call coach Mickey direct at 916-224-5626

Experience The Competitive Advantage

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Mickey invites you to discover what drives and motivates you with his Success DNA Test. DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES?

This is the most valid behavioral and values assessment test in the world, and we are the global leader in assessment-based solutions for retention, on-boarding, selection, team building, sales, leadership and more. Once you receive your report, you will discover the power of our assessments.

This Success DNA Test Is Free Only To The First 20 People To Take It This Week!

Please follow the link below to get your report. The information you provide will be kept completely confidential. Follow the link to get your FREE Success DNA Test.

BAD NEWS: All 20 Free Success DNA Tests have been taken…. GOOD NEWS: I’m giving out 5 More Success DNA Tests for Free to whomever emails me “SuccessDNA Test” first! Email:

I thank you for your interest in business excellence and hope you find the free assessment results useful to you.

To your Success,
Mickey O’Brien

50 Ways To Help Your Blog Go Viral

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Over the last year I’ve been doing research on how to make a blog, tweet or facebook post go viral. I asked my friend Alejandro Reyes of how he did it and how I could do it as well. The very first thing he told me to do is to listen for two weeks to what others are saying in and about my industry, that was where it started and here’s the my Top 50 Strategies I learned to get the attention of hundreds, thousands, and if you’re lucky millions!

Target Your Market
1. What are you blogging about? (your niche).
2. Determine who is your audience?
3. Determine what are your goals?
4. Determine what are your readers interested in?

Do Your Research.
5. Google has a good blog search, and there are others like IceRocket, BlogPulse and more.
6. Topics you want to focus on.
7. Who are the influential bloggers in your industry?
8. Who is successful at getting in front of the readers you want to get in front of?
9. What people are talking about in blogs, twitter, facebook, etc.
10. Make a note of any posts you like or think others would like

Use Your Website To Host Your Blog
11. You can use a WordPress template but have it show (example: (not
12. Using your site promotes you and is the best for search engine optimization

Schedule Everything
13. Determine a steady schedule for how you’ll post, I post twice a week
14. Allot time each week, if you plan to post on Monday’s and Wednesday’s, schedule it and put it on your calendar.
15. Determine what topics you’ll cover on those days. I write out my top 10 topics I want to cover each month
16. Be consistent or your readers will drift away.

Be Personal.
17. Post a photo of yourself, your team, where you work, you in action
18. Create a professional bio to enhance your credibility
19. Don’t blog about your personal life unless it relates somehow to your business or topics

Be First To Let The Cat Out Of The Bag
20. Post breaking news about your industry or business. You get use Google or MSNBC news feeds
21. Don’t just copy the feed, give your own thoughts and opinions on it

Give FREE Resouces
22. Create how-to articles or lists of helpful sites like “40 Ways To Use Twitter”
23. Give insider tips and resources that average visitor do not know about
24. Make your blogs simple and content rich, give away only your best ideas

Stay In The Conversation
25. Give your opinion to what other top bloggers are saying
26. Take what others are saying and see if you can make it mean something different
27. Ask for interaction, whether they agree or disagree, it builds a community.
28. Be different, don’t repeat the same old rhetoric that others are saying

Look, Listen & Learn
29. Study the social sites to see what people like.
30. Pay attention to sites like Activerain, Mashable, Digg, StumbleUpon or, if you get featured it can generate thousands of visitors to your site.
31. Do searches on social networking websites for keywords to identify content that is relative

Watch Your Stats
32. Statistics from your blog are important to see what works and what doesn’t.
33. New blog postings have a “hot” shelf life of about 24 hours, so tweet it, put it on facebbook, Digg, etc.

Make It Easy
34. Use RSS feeds on your blog
35. Many visitors prefer to use RSS feeds to subscribe to your content on a regular basis
36. Use FeedBurner or Google Analytics, a free analytical tool that lets you see how many people subscribe to your blog.

Be Bold, Be The Expert
37. Have your own opinions and stand by them.
38. Don’t be a people pleaser, take a stand
39. Don’t be needy, “Needyness is Creepyness!”

Don’t Get Down
40. Never quit, never give in. It’s about trial and error
41. Building a readership and going viral takes time and experience.
42. Stay focused on your audience and in time they will hear you and tell others

Contribute, Don’t Spam.
43. Share with others, don’t push, it’s not polite
44. Communicate with your friends and network, don’t just start to shout out to everyone
45. Keep it relevant.
46. Give your best content and you will gain trust, sell and you will lose respect

Join Local Networks & Groups
47. Focus your network in the city you want to target
48. Influence an existing network of like-minded people and it will help expand yours. MySpace also has groups.

Finally, Create A Call To Action
49. Ask others to Re-tweet or put on Facebook you content or blog. This gives you more credibility.
50. Make sure to say please when asking for other to retweet/post, say “please RT”. You also ask to vote, help me, follow this person, or pose a question.

Remember, it’s about building relationships that last, the more you give the more you will receive. Create conversations that add value and most of all listen to what others have to say and make sure to follow upi with a response.

If you would like to connect with me, here’s my twitter and facebook info, and

What’s your thoughts on making a blog or post go viral?

For more ideas to Grow Your Business Using Uncommon Strategies go to

50 Business Blogging Ideas For 2010

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Are you looking to up your involvement in social activities this year? If you are asking yourself “what should I blog about today?” then here are some of my top tips to help you get going in 2010. This will give you a head start on potential blog topics for your small business blog.

Focus on your Business/Industry

  1. Create a list of the best industry resources
  2. Attend industry events and blog about them
  3. Your best marketing tips
  4. How your industry is like Your Favorite TV Show [I like competitive shows like Top Chef.]
  5. People in your industry you want to meet
  6. Comment on an industry-related conversation going on in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google Groups
  7. Give a solution to a industry issue or problem
  8. Interview someone well-known that your readers would care about and profile them
  9. Publish a presentation, article, seminar, meetup, etc. that you gave
  10. Have a chat with a competitor and blog about it (make sure to get permission)
  11. Create a list of the 10 books you recommend reading.

Start Talking With & Building Relationships Online

  1. How you’re using Facebook, Twitter & other social media to increase earnings
  2. Post a video or picture that you think people would enjoy.
  3. Share the who’s HOT in social media and the tools they are using
  4. Hold a contest and have people compete against each other
  5. Create a poll. (Use SurveyMonkey) Blog the result.
  6. Invite a guest blogger to post on your blog
  7. Search Delicious for popular posts on your topics and switch it around to mean something new.
  8. Post photos from your company party, event, seminars, workshops
  9. Create a list of the Must Follow Twitter people in your industry

About You & Your Business

  1. What is your niche is.
  2. A video tutorial showing your product or service in action
  3. The problems you or your team hears about most
  4. The answer to the most common questions you get
  5. Look at your site blog posts and answer customer questions
  6. Give 10 reasons to sign up to your email newsletter/free report
  7. What you’re doing to adapt to the new economy
  8. Share a case study or testimonial
  9. Share something that was not working in your business and how you changed it
  10. 25 reasons why someone should hire you

Talk About Your Raving Fans

  1. Talk about those who comment most on your blog
  2. Give praise your best customers
  3. Post a question and let the community to answer it
  4. How customers can get secret giveaways you offer
  5. Feature a video detailing a customer’s success with your product or service
  6. Publish a customer testimonial
  7. Hold an event for Twitter followers to meet and blog it
  8. Explain the benefits of being a customer
  9. Share local organizations you support and ask customers to share their favorites
  10. How customers can connect with you on social media

Open Up & Let People Get To Know You

  1. Tell what you have read lately that inspired you or that you did not agree with
  2. Introduce yourself or your team
  3. Share your greatest successes in your business
  4. Your biggest challenges as a business owner
  5. What you love and are passionate about in business
  6. The perils of doing everything by yourself
  7. Who has helped and mentored you in business
  8. How to remain effective working at home
  9. Describe your company culture, what is it like working with or around you
  10. Share your or your company’s story

These are just a few things to talk about. Have fun, be passionate, be yourself!

What Are Your Favorite Blogging Ideas?

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40 Ways Business Owners Can Use Twitter To Build Their Business

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This week on Facebook I asked “Who should I follow on Twitter” and surprisingly only a few people responded, one in which is an amazing photographer that you may want to follow By asking for who should I follow I was opening up opportunities for businesses to connect with me and my large network. I have many biz owners say “What can Twitter do for me?” so I’m laying it all out right here…

Build Credibility
1. Share your opinion and expertise
2. Pass on interesting links/posts
3. Strengthen relationships with client, competitors and jv partners
4. Tweet often to keep your brand on top of your customer’s mind
5. Share quality content that addresses your clients needs, frustrations, fears & dreams
6. Promote friends and colleagues
7. Promote upcoming events

Market Your Business
1. Talk about your company believes in and is committed to
2. Offer special offers to customers who find you via social media
3. Talk about what you’re doing, who you are, and what you do
4. Direct people to your blog/website
5. Find & Give referrals
6. Hold contests and give aways
7. Promote your latest blog posts and newsletters
8. Tweet when you see or do something cool or funny

Listen To What’s Being Said
1. See what others are saying about you (use
2. Listen to what’s being said about your industry
3. Conduct Twitter polls to quiz consumer opinion
4. Learn about what’s working/not working & next for your competitors
5. Find your competitors clients (Read: Sun Tsu’s Art of War, i.e. do not neglect the use of intelligence.)
6. Identify Twitter trends or hot topics related to your industry
7. Ask people for their opinions. Listen to them

Expand Your Network
1. Build relationships instead of selling
2. Use Twellow, We Follow to find clients & people with common interests
3. Meet POI’s (People Of Influence) and talk to them
4. Connect your Twitter account to your website, Facebook, LinkedIn and other medias you use.
5. Give and receive testimonials on Follow Friday and connect with new people
6. Use services like to see how people are interacting with your content

Build Your Offline Network
1. Hold/Attend meetups/tweetups and meet your online network offline
2. Use TweetDeck to track when potential customers mention a competitor…and then reach out to them
3. Find new employees
4. Ask Twitter followers to leave testimonials on your site
5. Tweet about products and services on Twitter before offering to general public
6. Create special events around holidays for your Twitter followers

Meet People, Celebrate Life & Have Fun
1. Share content that you enjoy
2. Get inspired and motivated by others
3. Learn new things
4. Make friendships, not just professional relationships
5. Be part of a community (your industry or personal)
6. Find new ideas for your business or just for fun

What are your Twitter tips or advise?

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“How To Double Your Income” presented by Mickey O’Brien

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Which Of These Four Are You?

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Have you ever wanted to know about your or another person’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats before you team up with or hire someone? In this video I’m going to do a 5 minute debrief on how to determine who’s right for your team, business, relationship and partnership. Also, make sure to pick up a copy of the book Good To Great by Jim Collins, this will help you develop a greater understanding of how important it is to place the right people.