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About - Mickey O'Brien | Strategy Business Coach

Mickey O'Brien - Strategy Business Coach


Mickey O’Brien is President of Mickey O’Brien International and is a Serial Entrepreneur with over 20 years of being a business owner. His passion is helping entrepreneurs be more efficient, effective and get results. Mickey’s two main distinctions are “No One Should Go It Alone” and “The Future of Business is Purpose”.

As an International Business Coach, Consultant, Professional Speaker and Trainer with more than 10 years experience consulting entrepreneurs, start-ups and companies that have a commitment to be great and want to learn how to create and implement a culture where people are thrilled to work.


He is a Certified Professional Behavior, Values Analyst & TriMetrix Consultant and focuses on training and coaching managers, coaches, and organizations to effectively hire, develop and retain the best talent in the world. With a tenacious, innovative culture, he transforms potential to productivity, performance and profits.

Mickey has a background in: Business Analysis, Sales Training, Time Management, Values Clarification, Motivation, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Marketing, Leadership, Strategic Business Planning, Entrepreneurship, Goal Setting and Purpose Analysis. He is is a Licensed Real Estate Broker and National Speaker on Building your Vision and Purpose to Get Greater Results.

Mickey has been a guest speaker on several radio shows on getting greater results in your finances for business and life and is commonly recognized as the creator of street savvy marketing ideas that can be used in any market.

Jennifer O’Brien is a Certified Strategy Coach and has a background in: Our Validated Four Quadrant Behavioral Models, Workplace Motivators, Credit Coaching, Time Management, Goal Setting and transformational life-coaching strategies, She is focused on creating business and life balance. You can contact Coach Jennifer by email at 

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If you are interested in becoming a Certified Strategy Coach, Call us Today. You’ll be joining the world’s leading business implementation coaching company. As a Coach, you can operate a successful coach – one that helps contribute to Business Success.

At Mickey O’Brien International, we have provided a convenient, “one-stop-resource” for implementing the strategies that top producers and extraordinary business owners use. This amazing collection of business and professional strategies are all in one place for you to use. These “Winners” resources will help you go from Ordinary to Extraordinary in your Business… and your Life!

The Expert Training Series

Watch the Expert Interviews from an assembly of dream team industry experts, coaches, trainers and mentors to share their combined experience and expertise with you. Get instant access to some of the finest Experts we could find in the world! You will hear from top professionals that have an unsurpassed passion in their areas of expertise.

Live with Passion!

Our Clients tell us that Our Business Coaching Impacts their Business in Many Ways.

Here are just a few:

  • Helps you Achieve your Full Potential.
  • Enables you to Play a Bigger Game.
  • Provides a Collaborative Partner.
  • Increases Ability to Deal with Uncertainty.
  • Builds Alignment with Senior Staff.
  • Increases your Confidence about the Future.
  • Helps Determine exactly What you Want from your Business.
  • Increases your Revenue and Profitability.
  • Develops for you a Greater Sense of Control.
  • Help you Establish and Implement Goals.
  • Helps you Become a More Effective Communicator.
  • Accelerates your Performance and Productivity.
  • Develops Ways for you to Retain Employees.
  • Develops your Leadership Skills.
  • Helps you Manage Time More Efficiently.
  • Enables you to Delegate More Confidently.
  • Supports you in Job or Career Changes.

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