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9 Strategies to Surrounding Yourself with an Indispensable Circle of Trusted Advisors


9 Strategies to Surrounding Yourself with an Indispensable Circle of Trusted Advisors

As a friend and mentor once told me…”You must chase your mentors”. Those words rung in my ears, I recognized that if I wanted success in business and life I needed to surround myself with people I could trust and that would bring me to a whole new level of accomplishment and accountability I never had before, and that was stopping me from reaching my ultimate potential.

I needed to attract relationships that would help me refine, deepen and expand my goals. To attract these relationships I had to add value to them, people they knew and develop the method of “The Chase”.

These are the 9 Strategies to what I call “The Chase”

Strategy one: Determine who you want on your team. Write down a list of people that you respect and trust in business, personal life, family, health and financially. Make sure to write down your criteria for this relationship and evaluate the potential for their success in the role you are wanting them to fulfill. (i.e. mentor, advisor, colleague, etc.)

Strategy two: Have a clear vision. When approaching a relationship you may only have one chance to impress upon them why you are someone they would like to get to know. This person will not have time to waste and will want to know your goals and that you are focused and already taking action toward that direction.

Your mentor will be someone that has accomplished something you want to achieve, whether it be a successful business person, someone that has a great relationship with their spouse, their family, spiritually or intellectually. Let this person know your passions and why you respect what they have accomplished.

Strategy three: Create the environment. Meaning, create opportunities to build this relationship that will turn them into trusted advisors and hopefully lifelong friendships. The best way to do this is to selflessly give to your relationships. You may also want to become a client, student or be in an apprentice relationship.

Strategy four: Have a map of your goals. Identify your ultimate vision and create a path to get there through mapping out your goals and objectives which will include the new skills and knowledge you will need to get to your vision.

Strategy five: Develop the Big Picture. This includes creating an overall picture of your future vision that includes all the pieces of your life puzzle. Create a complete strategy to have a balanced fulfilling life.

Strategy six: Learn to have fierce conversations. A fierce conversation is one where you are not afraid to voice your opinions as well as give up your pride and listen to wisdom of those that have gone before you. This will make known new truths and bring into being new value for all involved.

Strategy seven: Identify your weaknesses. This is not an easy task since we can only see things from our story and perspective. Make sure you evaluate what you know to be your weaknesses and then ask your trusted advisers and friends what they perceive to be your weaknesses are.

Strategy eight: Commit to taking action. The only way to having these relationships last is to stay in integrity and honoring your word, what you say you are going to do, as it is the most valuable thing you have.

Strategy nine: Believe you can and do it. Never use the words “I’ll try”, those are self prophesying that you will fail. Instead believe and have faith that you can. Set goals, be consistent, take the right actions and never quit.

Using these nine steps to build your dream team will take determination, perseverance and a passion for something greater then you could achieve on your own. Give first and have a hunger for coaching. Remember that feedback is the breakfast of champion and participation equals value.

Do you already have your dream team in place? Do you have a clear vision of where you are going?

I would say if you do not have your dream team in place or are not clear on the next steps to take that you should consider doing a Free Half Hour Coaching Session with Mickey O’Brien to see how he can help you to generate what may now be an impossible future and create new goals and habits that will make the impossible possible. Email the words “Hungry for Coaching” to Mickey to get your free session.

You can continue to do the things you have always done and get what you have always gotten, but if you are willing to create new beliefs of what is possible and to take new actions, then with a solid vision and goals your chances for success will dramatically improve.

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