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7 Tips to Conquer Negative Emotions that get you Stuck


7 Tips to Conquer Negative Emotions that get you Stuck

We are a product of our daily experiences. Each experience yields a set of emotions which ultimately drives our cognitions and our actions. The extent to which an experience will affect our emotions is determined by our personality and our work environment.

1. Taking good care of yourself. How we handle our emotions are weaker when we are sick, sleep deprived, lack of exercise and have poor nutrition. What can you do to take better care of yourself this week? How can you help and support others around you in the same way?

2. Acknowledge and write down what angers and frustrates you – both in your head and in your body. Sometimes, we can “react” from our feelings and act impulsively without knowing why. Get to know your feelings before they happen.

3. Take a break. Excuse yourself from the office and take a brisk 5-10 minute walk around the parking lot or neighborhood. While walking think of 5 things that bring you peace and joy in your life, this will counteract the negative emotions and get you back to a logical state of mind.

4. Let go and vent to a mentor, coach, or trusted friend. It’s best to have an open discussion ahead of time letting the person that you’re venting to know you would like there ear and support when you are feeling negative emotions. By sharing your frustration and fears will calm you down.

5. Ask yourself, “What’s my fear?”. Fear is a big stopper in life. Ask yourself if the fear is absolutely true. Most of the time you have nothing to fear but fear itself. Mark Twain once said, I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.

6. Distract yourself. Learn to step away from difficult or overwhelming situations.

7. Take action. Determine activities that improve your mood and take action when you feel stressed or overwhelmed..

Emotional intelligence is the foundational competency that drives our actions, our performance in our role, and ultimately, the effectiveness of our decision-making.

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