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7 Reason Why To Use Social Media In Business


7 Reason Why To Use Social Media In Business

It’s time to get current with where the marketplace is going. Social networking is like Facebook is having a huge impact on how people are connecting personally and in business. Would you normally think to interact with people from all over the world to discuss the latest marketing tactics and strategies? Well, it’s happening, the world has shrunk and businesses and entrepreneurs from all over the world are sharing tips, ideas and tools to help one another grow their business.

Facebook recently crossed the 100 MILLION member mark. That’s not a small number atall. And millions more will join this incredible new stage in the coming months and years. And the huge majority will be seeking to use Facebook for the most part for business purposes.

To get you started, here’s a list of seven reasons you need to be active on Facebook!

1. Meet your peers.
Develop relationships with others in your industry. Start to connect at a deeper level with your current and potential clients.

2. Find business contacts.
There are more than 100 million active users, and predicted to be 500 million by 2011, so start reaching out to your prospects, your customers, your JV partners… and, of course, your competitors. You can now connect with people that you may have never before been able to get past the gatekeeper.

3. Build relationships, don’t sell.
Social networking is about being social, not anti-social or annoying. Make sure you put relationship first and not be an annoying salesperson or one who just jabber jabbers. Once you establish a personal relationship where you show you care then the business relationship will come natural.

4. Raise visibility.
Be consistently at showing up, posting relevant information, and being a leader of new though and value added ideas, you can increase visibility and credibility as the expert in your area.

5. Develop your personal brand.
Be unique, stand out from the rest. If everyone is going one way go the opposite. Make sure you have a niche when everyone else looks the same.

6. Get rapid top Google placement.
By creating a fan page for your business and sharing information with you others you will get higher placement in Google and more visibility for your business.

7. No cost marketing.
Facebook and other social networking sites like linkedIn and Twitter are totally free to use and with regular use you’ll end up with more traffic, more subscribers, and more paying clients.

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