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50 Ways To Help Your Blog Go Viral


50 Ways To Help Your Blog Go Viral

Over the last year I’ve been doing research on how to make a blog, tweet or facebook post go viral. I asked my friend Alejandro Reyes of how he did it and how I could do it as well. The very first thing he told me to do is to listen for two weeks to what others are saying in and about my industry, that was where it started and here’s the my Top 50 Strategies I learned to get the attention of hundreds, thousands, and if you’re lucky millions!

Target Your Market
1. What are you blogging about? (your niche).
2. Determine who is your audience?
3. Determine what are your goals?
4. Determine what are your readers interested in?

Do Your Research.
5. Google has a good blog search, and there are others like IceRocket, BlogPulse and more.
6. Topics you want to focus on.
7. Who are the influential bloggers in your industry?
8. Who is successful at getting in front of the readers you want to get in front of?
9. What people are talking about in blogs, twitter, facebook, etc.
10. Make a note of any posts you like or think others would like

Use Your Website To Host Your Blog
11. You can use a WordPress template but have it show (example: (not
12. Using your site promotes you and is the best for search engine optimization

Schedule Everything
13. Determine a steady schedule for how you’ll post, I post twice a week
14. Allot time each week, if you plan to post on Monday’s and Wednesday’s, schedule it and put it on your calendar.
15. Determine what topics you’ll cover on those days. I write out my top 10 topics I want to cover each month
16. Be consistent or your readers will drift away.

Be Personal.
17. Post a photo of yourself, your team, where you work, you in action
18. Create a professional bio to enhance your credibility
19. Don’t blog about your personal life unless it relates somehow to your business or topics

Be First To Let The Cat Out Of The Bag
20. Post breaking news about your industry or business. You get use Google or MSNBC news feeds
21. Don’t just copy the feed, give your own thoughts and opinions on it

Give FREE Resouces
22. Create how-to articles or lists of helpful sites like “40 Ways To Use Twitter”
23. Give insider tips and resources that average visitor do not know about
24. Make your blogs simple and content rich, give away only your best ideas

Stay In The Conversation
25. Give your opinion to what other top bloggers are saying
26. Take what others are saying and see if you can make it mean something different
27. Ask for interaction, whether they agree or disagree, it builds a community.
28. Be different, don’t repeat the same old rhetoric that others are saying

Look, Listen & Learn
29. Study the social sites to see what people like.
30. Pay attention to sites like Activerain, Mashable, Digg, StumbleUpon or, if you get featured it can generate thousands of visitors to your site.
31. Do searches on social networking websites for keywords to identify content that is relative

Watch Your Stats
32. Statistics from your blog are important to see what works and what doesn’t.
33. New blog postings have a “hot” shelf life of about 24 hours, so tweet it, put it on facebbook, Digg, etc.

Make It Easy
34. Use RSS feeds on your blog
35. Many visitors prefer to use RSS feeds to subscribe to your content on a regular basis
36. Use FeedBurner or Google Analytics, a free analytical tool that lets you see how many people subscribe to your blog.

Be Bold, Be The Expert
37. Have your own opinions and stand by them.
38. Don’t be a people pleaser, take a stand
39. Don’t be needy, “Needyness is Creepyness!”

Don’t Get Down
40. Never quit, never give in. It’s about trial and error
41. Building a readership and going viral takes time and experience.
42. Stay focused on your audience and in time they will hear you and tell others

Contribute, Don’t Spam.
43. Share with others, don’t push, it’s not polite
44. Communicate with your friends and network, don’t just start to shout out to everyone
45. Keep it relevant.
46. Give your best content and you will gain trust, sell and you will lose respect

Join Local Networks & Groups
47. Focus your network in the city you want to target
48. Influence an existing network of like-minded people and it will help expand yours. MySpace also has groups.

Finally, Create A Call To Action
49. Ask others to Re-tweet or put on Facebook you content or blog. This gives you more credibility.
50. Make sure to say please when asking for other to retweet/post, say “please RT”. You also ask to vote, help me, follow this person, or pose a question.

Remember, it’s about building relationships that last, the more you give the more you will receive. Create conversations that add value and most of all listen to what others have to say and make sure to follow upi with a response.

If you would like to connect with me, here’s my twitter and facebook info, and

What’s your thoughts on making a blog or post go viral?

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  1. Alejandro Reyes February 02, 2010

    Thanks for the shout out brother.

    This is a VERY informative list that you’re providing folks, some people charge for this stuff.


  2. Mickey O'Brien February 02, 2010

    Alejandro your right, if people or businesses used these tips right it could make them internet famous! To get the rest of the story go to 🙂

  3. Roroneets February 12, 2010

    i actually adore your writing way, very unique,
    don’t quit as well as keep penning seeing that it simply truly worth to follow it,
    impatient to see more and more of your current content pieces, thanks!

  4. Mickey O'Brien March 10, 2010

    John, the best way to get a feel for blogging is to do it. Make sure to ask a question at the end of each blog to engage your readers. Stay in touch 🙂

  5. Mickey March 19, 2010

    Thanks for the responses…. I’m going to be launching some incredible content that I usually charge for start April 1st…Keep your eye for it!

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