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40 Ways Business Owners Can Use Twitter To Build Their Business


40 Ways Business Owners Can Use Twitter To Build Their Business

This week on Facebook I asked “Who should I follow on Twitter” and surprisingly only a few people responded, one in which is an amazing photographer that you may want to follow By asking for who should I follow I was opening up opportunities for businesses to connect with me and my large network. I have many biz owners say “What can Twitter do for me?” so I’m laying it all out right here…

Build Credibility
1. Share your opinion and expertise
2. Pass on interesting links/posts
3. Strengthen relationships with client, competitors and jv partners
4. Tweet often to keep your brand on top of your customer’s mind
5. Share quality content that addresses your clients needs, frustrations, fears & dreams
6. Promote friends and colleagues
7. Promote upcoming events

Market Your Business
1. Talk about your company believes in and is committed to
2. Offer special offers to customers who find you via social media
3. Talk about what you’re doing, who you are, and what you do
4. Direct people to your blog/website
5. Find & Give referrals
6. Hold contests and give aways
7. Promote your latest blog posts and newsletters
8. Tweet when you see or do something cool or funny

Listen To What’s Being Said
1. See what others are saying about you (use
2. Listen to what’s being said about your industry
3. Conduct Twitter polls to quiz consumer opinion
4. Learn about what’s working/not working & next for your competitors
5. Find your competitors clients (Read: Sun Tsu’s Art of War, i.e. do not neglect the use of intelligence.)
6. Identify Twitter trends or hot topics related to your industry
7. Ask people for their opinions. Listen to them

Expand Your Network
1. Build relationships instead of selling
2. Use Twellow, We Follow to find clients & people with common interests
3. Meet POI’s (People Of Influence) and talk to them
4. Connect your Twitter account to your website, Facebook, LinkedIn and other medias you use.
5. Give and receive testimonials on Follow Friday and connect with new people
6. Use services like to see how people are interacting with your content

Build Your Offline Network
1. Hold/Attend meetups/tweetups and meet your online network offline
2. Use TweetDeck to track when potential customers mention a competitor…and then reach out to them
3. Find new employees
4. Ask Twitter followers to leave testimonials on your site
5. Tweet about products and services on Twitter before offering to general public
6. Create special events around holidays for your Twitter followers

Meet People, Celebrate Life & Have Fun
1. Share content that you enjoy
2. Get inspired and motivated by others
3. Learn new things
4. Make friendships, not just professional relationships
5. Be part of a community (your industry or personal)
6. Find new ideas for your business or just for fun

What are your Twitter tips or advise?

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  1. Robin Fischer January 23, 2010

    I would like to know how to build my following on twitter. I have about 400 followers on facebook, but only one on twitter. Can you help me with this.

  2. Mickey O'Brien January 23, 2010

    To, after looking at your web site I noticed you do not have a link to your facebook or twitter, put a link on your web site, facebook, linkedIn, and any other media that you are using to start.

    Coach Mickey

  3. Nicole France January 24, 2010

    Great article Mickey! In response to Robin, there are many things you can do to build you Twitter followers. You should start by posting your twitter link on your website, also add to your email signature and business cards, build a list of people you follow and find valuable, but most importantly… start tweeting regularly.

  4. Stephanie Riedel February 01, 2010

    GREAT info !!!! Thanks for the mention !!!!!!!!!!!

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